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Evaluation Use And Decision-making In Society

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This volume addresses a fundamental and highly debated issue in the evaluation field - the use of evaluation information for decision-making. Chapter authors honor the contributions of Professor Marvin C. Alkin to the evaluation use literature and advance our thinking on the topic by exploring a wide range of issues related to the theoretical and practical challenges of using evaluation information to make informed, evidence-based decisions. Readers will come away from this volume with a new and clearer understanding of the theoretical, contextual, methodological, and political dimensions of use and with direction for practice. Chapters are written by leading evaluation scholars, including Ernest House; Stewart Donaldson and Tarek Azzam; Eric Barela; Richard D. Nunneley, Jr., Jean A. King, Kelli Johnson, and Laura Pejsa; Eleanor Chelimsky; Michael Quinn Patton; and Wanda D. Casillas, Rodney K. Hopson and Ricardo L. Gomez. Evaluation Use and Decision-Making in Society: A Tribute to Marvin C. Alkin will be of great interest to evaluation students, scholars and practitioners. This volume has scholarly application for those who desire a state-of-the-art resource for the latest insights and perspectives on one of the most pressing issues that the evaluation field faces today, while also serving as a useful guide for both novice and experienced evaluation practitioners. It is appropriate for use in a variety of evaluation courses including Introduction to Evaluation and Procedural Issues in Evaluation as well as topical seminars such as Evaluation Use and Decision-Making .

The Making Of The Middle Class

RRP $260.99

In this important and timely collection of essays, historians reflect on the middle class: what it is, why its struggles figure so prominently in discussions of the current economic crisis, and how it has shaped, and been shaped by, modernity. They focus on specific middle-class formations around the world—in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas—since the mid-nineteenth century. The contributors scrutinize these formations in relation to the practices of modernity, to professionalization, to revolutionary politics, and to the making of a public sphere. Taken together, their essays demonstrate that the historical formation of the middle class has been constituted transnationally through changing, unequal relationships and shifting racial and gender hierarchies, colonial practices, and religious divisions. That history raises questions about taking the robustness of the middle class as the measure of a society’s stability and democratic promise. Those questions are among the many stimulated by The Making of the Middle Class, which invites critical conversation about capitalism, imperialism, postcolonialism, modernity, and our neoliberal present.

. Susanne Eineigel, Michael A.Ervin, I¤igo Garc¡a-Bryce, Enrique Garguin, Simon Gunn, Carol E. Harrison, Franca Iacovetta, Sanjay Joshi, Prashant Kidambi, A. Ricardo L¢pez, Gisela Mettele, Marina Moskowitz, Robyn Muncy, Brian Owensby, David S. Parker , Mrinalini Sinha, Mary Kay Vaughan, Daniel J. Walkowitz, Keith David Watenpaugh, Barbara Weinstein, Michael O. West

Making Friends For Christ

RRP $16.99

Making Friends for Christ: A Practical Approach to Relational Evangelism, Second Edition This is not a gimmick. It is not the next modern evangelism strategy for you or your church to use for a while and then discard when the next one comes along. It is not about pretending to be friends with people to fulfill a hidden conversion agenda. Making Friends for Christ is an exploration of loving others the way that Jesus loved us, intentionally, relationally, and sacrificially. The people all around us want to be loved. They need a friend who will listen to them and care for them. And that is just what Jesus wants us to do. As we live in love and truth, his light shines into people's lives so that they may know Love Himself. Making Friends for Christ is a guide for learning how to be a real friend. It offers practical, everyday ideas for touching the people God has already put into your life. You will learn how to be a good listener, overcome common barriers, and invest in relationships. You can turn your home into a place of ministry and effectively tell how Christ has changed your life. You can learn to pray in faith for your friends and family and join with other believers for support and encouragement. This second edition of Making Friends for Christ is revised and enlarged for the challenges of the Twenty-First Century evangelism. Wayne McDill teaches Communication and Bible Exposition in Wake Forest, North Carolina at Southeastern Seminary. He has also taught courses in Evangelism, Church Planting, and Pastoral Leadership. He is author of seven books, including the first edition of Making Friends for Christ, along with books on preaching and personal Christian growth.

Implantable Cardioverter-defibrillator

RRP $408.99

ICD therapy has become the standard form of treatment for ventricular tachyarrhythmias. With clinical data showing its efficacy in both secondary and primary prevention of premature sudden death, its use is likely to increase dramatically in the next decade. Technological advancement has been instrumental in simplifying ICD implantation. However, technical additions to the device have also made its scope of functions more complex. In addition to providing rapid and effective therapy for ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation, the ICD is now capable of providing a full spectrum dual-chamber pacing as well as therapies for atrial fibrillation. Soon, it will also be able to provide treatment for congestive heart failure using multi-site ventricular pacing and provide continuous hemodynamic monitoring. This book serves as an introductory text to those who are relatively new to this technology. In its manual form, it outlines the pertinent components of ICD functions and the basic differences among the various models. It provides practical points in ICD implantation, and in its programming and trouble-shooting.

Modeling In Medical Decision Making - A Bayesian Approach

RRP $286.99

Medical decision making has evolved in recent years, as more complex problems are being faced and addressed based on increasingly large amounts of data. In parallel, advances in computing have led to a host of new and powerful statistical tools to support decision making. Simulation-based Bayesian methods are especially promising, as they provide a unified framework for data collection, inference, and decision making. In addition, these methods are simple to interpret, and can help to address the most pressing practical and ethical concerns arising in medical decision making.<br> * Provides an overview of the necessary methodological background, including Bayesian inference, Monte Carlo simulation, and utility theory.<br> * Driven by three real applications, presented as extensively detailed case studies.<br> * Case studies include simplified versions of the analysis, to approach complex modelling in stages.<br> * Features coverage of meta-analysis, decision analysis, and comprehensive decision modeling.<br> * Accessible to readers with only a basic statistical knowledge.<br> Primarily aimed at students and practitioners of biostatistics, the book will also appeal to those working in statistics, medical informatics, evidence-based medicine, health economics, health services research, and health policy.


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