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8th Place Ribbon

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We're raising a generation of wussies. Actually, this problem has already taken root and there are current generations of wussies actively integrating into society as you read this. It's hard to say just how long this decline in society has been taking place, but be advised, it is ongoing. Right now, somewhere in America, someone is getting an 8th Place ribbon.8th Place Ribbon takes a look at watered down rules, participation awards, lack of participation as well many non-sports related factors that all contribute to the creation of an entitled generation. A collection of the author's personal experiences mixed with outside testimonies and a dash of humor, the book strives to not only raise awareness to potential long-lasting problems our society's current mindset on youth sports presents, but also some corrective actions that can be taken by all involved to avoid them.

Dinosaur Eggs And Blue Ribbons

RRP $19.95

A personal look at science fairs from the varied perspectives of a successful participant, judge, policymaker, and science fair organization leader

Dinosaur Eggs and Blue Ribbons takes young readers on a journey into adventure science as experienced by a young aspiring scientist who turned scientific inspiration into scientific success. The book is full of anecdotes and advice from the world of STEM education and contains practical advice about judging, display boards, and other preparations for the big science fair day. Throughout the text and appendix are examples of original, winning science fair materials as well as links to a wide variety of proprietary online resources which complement the text. In the end, the hardships are all worthwhile when you work alongside some of the top scientists in the field, make groundbreaking discoveries, and win big in the science fair and beyond!

A Pink Ribbon Journey

RRP $27.50

A Pink Ribbon Journey is an honest account of one woman's battle with breast cancer and the spiritual growth she gained because of it. Through her faith she gained peace and understanding despite her many heartbreaks and disppointments. Wendy Clarke openly shares her deepest thoughts, fears and hopes while describing cancer and treatment in sharp detail. Her story is one of finding peace with God in the midst of turmoil and sharing that with others.


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Card Making Scrapbooking Collage Artsy
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Card Making Scrapbooking Collage Artsy
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